The Driver’s Seat

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Komatsu D65EXiPXi-18 (Cab)[1]Who would have thought that a driver’s seat could be one of the most important features to emphasise when publicising a heavy-duty excavator?

Who would have thought that a driver’s seat could increase profitability, improve worksite productivity and reduce contract duration?

Who would have thought that a driver’s seat could help deliver higher standards of workmanship, enhanced levels of customer satisfaction, higher class client recommendations and greater levels of repeat business?

And, who would have thought that a driver’s seat could ease health and safety fears, deliver job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and cut recruitment costs?

Hall PR would.

It’s the devilishly clever thinking we bring to our work.

As PR representatives for Komatsu, we know that driver comfort is arguably the most important point to note when it comes to choosing one of these powerful machines. The same applies to dozers (see photo), loaders and the like.

Because good, experienced operators are extremely hard to find – and knowing that the seat of an excavator is no place for amateurs when taking care of health and safety issues – our first thought is always to think outside the box in devising good PR approaches.

Then…just like a good excavator driver would…we leave no stones unturned when it comes to achieving a first-class result.


Fyffes helps champions Dundalk FC build a global fan base

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League of Ireland champions Dundalk FC has proven what it takes to be winners. Through their team sponsorship, Dundalk-based banana importers Fyffes proved what a devilishly good decision it was to support their local stars.

When thinking how they might extend their support for the team in a way that would bring the Dundalk FC story to a wider, global audience, Fyffes came up with the devilishly good idea to produce a YouTube video which could be viewed across the globe – wherever fans and friends of Dundalk and its local football team are.

Once finished and ready to be uploaded, Hall PR got the call, coming on side to apply our devilishly special skill to publicise the production and promote the attendance of the manager and players at an informal launch event held at the Fyffes banana ripening facility in Swords.

Once announced in national, local and online media, it didn’t take long before tweeters and social media activists got in on the act, lighting their fire under the production and rapidly pushing the number of ‘views’ past the 60,000 mark in just a matter of days.

It’s a production on which a final whistle will never blow…one for which club and fans alike are devilishly thankful to Fyffes.

Hall PR’s earth moving approach to economic forecasting

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In the world of economic forecasting…who would see a role for the crawler dozer?

Hall PR’s earth moving approach to economic forecastingWe in Hall PR would.

While academics, commentators and financial forecasters may look to the latest OECD or ESRI predictions…here in Hall PR we know that the true measure of economic performance is found where real people are at work, doing real things.

As PR representatives for Komatsu and their distributor in Ireland, McHale Plant Sales…Hall PR is helping to get Ireland on the move.  Whether digging trenches, building bridges, laying roadways or sinking new foundations, we know that everywhere Komatsu goes, progress follows.

Put simply, Komatsu ahead means Ireland’s on the move…as their latest crawler dozer demonstrates.

Hall PR : A Space Odyssey

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In the field of PR practice, Hall PR moves faster, travels greater distance and hits higher heights than one might think is possible.

Giving meaning to this devilishly fascinating claim is the work we’ve done for Captec, the Malahide-based software specialists.

In media headlines currently is the ESA’s probe Rosetta launched from French Guiana in 2004. Now, ten years on, it nears its destination some 400 million kilometers away in space.

Travelling at speeds of 55,000kph, Rosetta is destined to rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at a point between Jupiter and Mars. There, it is hoped, she will collect data containing vital clues to the origin of life on Earth.

Ten years ago, at the time their work had been completed, Captec’s role in helping to bring the Rosetta project to reality was spoken about in interviews arranged by Hall PR.

This work saw them develop software that would facilitate communication between the Rosetta orbiter and lander as well as double-checking the craft’s computer guidance system.

Along its long and lonely journey, the thoughts of Hall PR have travelled with it, reminding one that in the world of public relations, nothing is ever done until it’s finished!

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It was a matter of great pride to us that, in week 16/2014, the ‘most read’ story on The Irish Times website was one that we in Hall PR had handled.

The story related to the success achieved by young Mayo student Shania McDonagh in winning top prize in the 60th Texaco Children’s Art Competition with her incredible portrait study – an achievement that has since made her the popular face of Irish art in online media across the globe.

As consultants responsible for designing and implementing PR strategy for the annual Texaco Children’s Art Competition, we are proud to play our part in communicating news of this annual event – one that occupies the enviable reputation of being Ireland’s longest-running sponsorship.

Across the course of its 60 years’ existence, it has touched the lives of almost every family in Ireland and brought recognition and acclaim to all whose entries won awards.

A picture tells a thousand words…

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Don Hall with legendary West Indian cricketer Sir Vivian Richards –
scorer of the fastest hundred in test match cricket
(off 56 balls against England at Antigua in April 1986).
Pictured at England v West Indies Test – Lords, May 2012.

As every publisher knows, a good picture is worth a thousand words.

And, as every hard-pressed writer knows, a good picture can often save a thousand words, especially when a deadline looms.

Press photographers are past masters in the art of taking pictures that tell a story. It’s a skill we all admire!

However, it isn’t always possible to have an expert at one’s side. And yet, in order to exploit the potential that a good picture offers, one has to become a ‘photo opportunist’ and learn how to tell stories in photographic form.

At Hall PR, we believe we have that skill. But yet, we’re not so boastful as to think we know it all. Indeed, when one sees the very best news photos that Irish press photographers produce, we know we don’t.

Seeing Inis Oírr as ‘a paradise island’ for Zetor tractors

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Zetor Tractors on Inis Oírr It was a weekend trip to Inis Oírr that set the ball rolling. Arriving off the ferry, Hall PR’s Don Hall was amazed to discover the number of Zetor tractors he met driving along the island’s roads.

Ranging from nearly-new to ageing, he saw only one that was not a Zetor…and that one was parked beside a Zetor!

When he enquired how many Zetors were on the island, a local jarvey pondered and replied ‘about 50.’

As PR consultants to the Czech tractor maker, Hall fastened on to an idea: That a story should be written for publication in an international Zetor magazine that circulates around the world in every market in which their tractors are sold.

It was an idea that promised benefit, both for Zetor and for Inis Oírr – a story that would interest an international readership, one in which Inis Oírr would be described as ‘a paradise island’ for Zetor tractors.

Once published, local radio station Galway Bay FM took up the story in a broadcast that focused on the many reasons why Zetor is so popular amongst the island community.

Their broadcast included a contribution by the island’s Co-op representative who was quick to spot the potential tourism benefit that could flow from the story.

Referring to the many bird spotters and fans of comedy series ‘Father Ted’ who journey there each Summer, he observed that soon they may be joined by another ardent fan base…tractor spotters, of whom the world has plenty.